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We are all no stranger to sleepless night, tossing and turning, and frequent awakenings. In the morning we are left exhausted and watch the domino effect which a lack of sleep causes. The next night we reach for whatever pill we can find to make us pass out. The time has come to toss out your zzzquil and give something different a try.

Many holistic and natural therapies for any ailment often go untried. When everything else if failing to work why not give the holistic way a shot? Healing crystals are used for a variety of ailments including sleep. There are many crystals which can help with sleep so it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best to use. I have listed four of my favorite crystals which promote a calming energy and a great for putting in your sleeping space!

Crystals to Use

Amethyst is one of the more commonly used crystals for protection and facilitating calmness. Amethyst crystals work to calm the mind and power your third eye chakra. This stone is also known to aid in combating insomnia.

Moonstone, sounds like a perfect crystal for sleep, right? Moonstone reduces emotional tension which makes it easier for the body to fall asleep. Moonstone with Tourmaline adds in a grounding element to calm the body.

Selenite is an excellent crystal for recharging your energy as you sleep. It will realign and clear chakras which may be dirty or blocked.

Rose or Smokey Quartz. While these are different stones, they both are from the quartz family and will promote calming energy as you sleep. Smoky quartz works to dispel negative energy and rose quartz will help you absorb loving and healing energy to help you sleep soundly.

How to Use

The number one rule when using crystals is to use one which suits you best! Not all crystals work the same for each person, so it is important to find one you resonate with.

Before using your crystal or letting it sit in your space make sure you cleanse it. You want to make sure you are not bring any negative or unwanted energy into your space. There are multiple ways to cleanse crystals. You can let them sit in sunlight or under a full moon to cleanse and recharge your crystal or cleanse them by burning sage or palo santo.

Once you find your perfect crystal and have cleansed it you can set it anywhere in your bedroom! Oftentimes for sleep crystals are placed under your pillow or mattress. They can also be set on a bedside table to aid with sleep. Move them around your room and feel where they fit best for you!


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