START WITH SLEEP is a sleep health resource wellness center + retail boutique located in Buffalo, New York. We provide tailored sleep solutions in the form of education and tools through a channel of various components including sleep consulting, coaching, workshops and corporate, as well as school sleep health programs.


We are your one stop educational guide for sweet dreams and an energy filled day! Stop in for one of our weekly sleep + wellness workshops for both children and adults, book or attend one of our many community sleep health programs or to explore the beautiful array of gifts and health tools we carry to aid in helping you get your best sleep.


Do not suffer another sleepless night; from guided meditation and restorative yoga, to healing aromatherapy (essential oils) and herbal teas to the latest in wearable sleep technologies, we are the first step to getting your sleep back on track and to a happier, healthier you!



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We focus on addressing concerns and challenges regarding sleep health by using a holistic approach integrated with evidence-based research. Our sleep health education focuses on changes in patterns of sleep from its role in a healthy pregnancy to how it changes as we age. Our mission is to provide guidance to improve sleep health and to provide education regarding factors that can create both behavioral and medical sleep challenges at night. Interested in learning more?  Browse our calendar of events to select and attend one of our weekly activity driven sleep + wellness workshops, book a private group session or learn more about the sleep health programs we offer to have us provide a presentation at your place of work or organization.


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We empower people by providing guidance in creating customized sleep health solutions in the form of actionable plans and by offering:

  • Adult Sleep Coaching

  • Maternity, Child, Adult and Family Sleep Consulting 

  • Health Professional Referrals

  • Sleep Health Tools

We focus on reshaping habits regarding sleep to promote successful lifestyle health changes. Now booking for our RESET YOUR HUSTLE: Sleep Boot Camp. We also now offer our "Sleep Better Tonight" tool kits at participating physician offices. Interested in adding our sleep tools to your health practice? Contact us at hello@startwithsleep.com.


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We advocate by aligning ourselves with the medical community to focus on the role of sleep health in overall healthcare. Sleep is not only important to one's development, but to how your health is maintained over time. We provide support in the form of education and tools to help in raising healthy sleepers from the onset, as well as for preventative measures in health management. Interested in having us speak with your organization? Or in implementing a sleep health screening program in your practice? Contact us today to learn more about our medical sleep health programs.

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