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I am often asked, "What type of mattress do you recommend?". My response one that suites your sleep needs! You should find it comfortable and supportive so that you wake up feeling rested, not achy or stiff. It can be a hard decision with so many models available, so what separates one from the other? And how much should you investment being that they tend to a bigger ticket item and something you will keep for the next 7-8 years.

Most important? It should be organic, non-toxic, chemical free, a natural latex foam, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, mildew proof and dust mite resistant item. A good practice is to purchase one with the official Greenguard certification mark as this indicates the product has been carefully considered when it comes to impact on the environment and health.

It is also important to be mindful when creating your sleep space to remember that you want to create a non-toxic bed. To do so you must ensure that your mattress, pillows and sheets are free of toxins. Specifically, the aim is to avoid:

· Fire-retardant chemicals (PBDEs)

· Formaldehyde

· Boric acid

· Toxic dyes

· Bleaches

· Pesticides & herbicides

The people over at were kind enough to offer us their newest report which uses 50 different sources, that compares mattresses by design, eco-friendliness, affordability, size, and specific certifications and compiled it into an easy to read resource. See it here:

Remember as a general rule it is also good to use a protectant cover to further restrict allergens and to prolong the life of your mattress from accidents and spills. Look for one that covers all 6 sides vs the traditional 5.

While your mattress isn't the only factor that can be affecting your sleep it is an important tool in achieving a quality night's sleep. Not in the market for a new mattress or on a budget? Another good idea is to use a mattress enhancer. First it is a more eco-friendly option as it is one less mattress that ends up in a landfill, but it is also a more cost effective way to reinvent your mattress and to achieve the level of comfort needed to help support you during sleep.


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