Our classes incorporate both the science + art of a good night's sleep

to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Establishing a consistent yoga practice is a powerful way to reduce sleep issues, manage stress and incorporate self-care into your plan for health. We offering classes for both children + adults. We also host monthly classes. Check calendar for dates. 


These 1 hour activity driven workshops are the perfect time to learn about how to incorporate healthy habits daily and to manage sleep together. From night terrors to early rising. We can help you and your little one learn to love and embrace bedtime.


Looking for a natural way to improve your energy levels and health? Our activity driven workshops incorporate make + take tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle of body, mind and spirit. Our sessions include everything from journaling to aromatherapy, plant therapy to nutrition and cooking classes. Each session uniquely catered to help support you creating healthy habits not restrictions.



Sleep is a common time of transition for new + expecting parents. These Saturday morning workshops are a great source of support for understanding natural sleep patterns and best practices for helping everyone in your household to get a good night's sleep naturally.


These 1 hour workshops held bi-monthly address a long list of factors that can create sleep challenges including grief, care-giving and medical issues. Looking to have us host your support group? Book your group by contacting us at 716.235.1505 or 

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