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Mini Candles

Mini Candles


These are tea light-size gold tin candles with marble-designed tops.


Choose from 1 of 8 scents or purchase the entire set!


Scents include:

Roses On My Mind | rose, citrus, lavender

Calm Within the Chaos | lavender + eucalyptus mint

Good Vibes | tropical fruits + fresh mountain greens

But First Sleep | lavender + cedarwood

100% Homebody | fir needles + smoked woods

Take a Hike | blue spruce

Live by the Sun | grapefruit + mangosteen

Love by the Moon | teak + oud


*Burning these tea lights in a small room or bathroom is strongly recommended in order to experience the scent of a full-sized candle. There is about half an ounce of wax in each tea light.

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