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Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.4oz

Magnesium Oil Spray - 3.4oz


BENEFIT: Magnesium oil is a supplement designed to deliver the mineral magnesium through the skin for rapid cell absorption. It is required by the body to maintain a state of rest. Studies show that upwards of 80% of people are magnesium deficient because of modern diets and lifestyle. It is beneficial as a natural joint and muscle relaxant – relieving chronic pain, helps manage cortisol levels reducing stress, helps with relieving symptoms of restless legs syndrome, eases menopause and premenstrual symptoms, boosts immune system, as well as provides many other health benefits that promote a deeper, more restorative sleep. This results in improved sleep quality.


USE: Begin by spraying on the top and bottom of feet each night before bed. This product must be used consistently to maximize its benefits.

Price Options
One-time purchase
$23.00every 3 months until canceled
  • Precautions

    This product is generally safe for everyone but those with low blood pressure should be cautious of using and increasing daily usage.


  • Return Policy

    Once products are opened all sales are final. Thank you. 

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