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License to Chill Set

License to Chill Set


Stress. That relentless, powerful feeling that impacts all areas of life, from our skin, digestion, sleep, mood, to how we engage with others. This meticulously curated set proactively addresses the origins of our stress response. You’ll feel calmer, think more clearly, and sleep more soundly.


(1) 2 oz bottle - 12 servings - Do Not Disturb
(1) 2 oz bottle - 12 servings - Chill the F Out

(1) 2 oz bottle - 12 servings - Ashwagandha

Do Not Disturb has rich adaptogenic and sedative properties. The potent combination of Holy Basil, Lemon Balm and Mucuna, with the natural sweetness of Cinnamon and Lucuma, makes a delicious blend that promotes a calmer state of mind, less stress and anxiety, and a deep restful night's sleep.


Chill The F* Out is known (and loved) for its serotonin-boosting stress-busting ingredients targeting cortisol levels. It tastes like peppermint hot chocolate and contains two powerhouse adaptogens, Reishi Mushroom and Ashwagandha Root. Both adaptogens are used for stress relief, which lowers inflammation, which in turn boosts the strength of our immune system.

Ashwagandha Root is often referred to as the “gateway drug” for those new to herbal medicine due to its powerful and immediate calm-including effects. It’s our go-to natural remedy for balancing stress response and adrenal fatigue.

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