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START WITH SLEEP is looking for interns to join our growing team. We are at the forefront of health education and will offer a solid education and training program to interns of all levels, so please apply regardless of your year and experience level. This is a very exciting opportunity for those looking to enter the field of healthcare, marketing of products or services or looking to acquire hands on experience in a growing and exciting field- SLEEP!


  • Maintain a positive image, attitude and appearance

  • Participate in community workshops, in and out of center

  • Assist in the distribution and delivery of marketing materials; community outreach

  • Enter contact information into contact management systems

  • Provide support to social media efforts

  • Assist and partner with other Brand Ambassadors on events that require a team-oriented environment

  • Perform other related duties as assigned


Company is looking for 1 High School student and 1 undergraduate student in the Buffalo, NY area who has an interest or is majoring in Health, Communications/Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Technology or related field. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with knowledge of web and social media. Design software experience is a bonus, and will be considered when choosing the best applicants for this internship position.


Skills + Educational Requirements

·         Have a Valid Driver’s License and Reliable Form of Transportation

·         High School Diploma or GED Required/Currently Enrolled

·         Student- Enrolled at a Local College/University or least 1 year of college. 

·         Able to utilize technology effectively

·         Comfort working in an entrepreneurial, small company environment

Education provided:

  • Basic understanding of sleep health and the role it has in wellness

  • Health marketing

  • Planning and designing educational classes

  • Steps for developing a marketing strategy

  • Utilizing social media for client engagement

  • Design of Community Marketing Materials

  • Retail/Customer Service Skills

  • An open, engaging environment to streamline questions about field of study 

  • Evaluation of skills to promote growth

Bonus Program:

Although the internship is an unpaid position. Students may receive credit for courses if requested and approved by attending college/university. We also offer a bonus structure for participating in community marketing initiatives. Finally we offer the opportunity to come on as an employee after successful completion of our internship program for qualified candidates. 

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