"Sleep Health" is now a frequently used  term because of mainstream media, yet our sleep in general is still the most overlooked factor when it comes to our overall health, when it can be the most effective tool for managing it. When we fail to get consistent sleep it can cause a multitude of medical issues affecting mental, emotional and physical health. Changing your perceptions of sleep and prioritizing it can go a long way, but if you are waking up nightly snoring and gasping in your sleep or fail to feel rested no matter how much sleep you get, then it may be time to assess for a medical sleep disorder. We work with a team of doctors that are able to evaluate your medical history, work with your primary care physician and manage treatment. Do not struggle another night. Stop in today! We provide a guide outlining what a sleep study is including a prescription for your physician to complete, what to expect, why you should get tested and can schedule a consultation or facilitate scheduling for a home test or in-lab sleep study with a local testing center if a medical sleep disorder is suspected.


We work with several sleep testing centers that operate facilities throughout the United States, which are American Academy of Sleep Medicine accredited and are built upon a multi-disciplinary comprehensive model. We also work with board certified sleep physicians that diagnose and treat more than 80 medical sleep disorders. Call us today to learn more about in-lab or home sleep testing options - 716.235.1505.

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