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The thought of sleeping naked can bring giggles or even be scary for some. Did you know that only about 8% of people sleep naked according to a survey done by Anna Linen Furnishings? The answer to "why?" is somewhat unclear, but it is assumed that most people think it is uncomfortable or they will get too cold if they do.

What most people don’t know is that sleeping naked can be more beneficial than sleeping with some type of garment on and you are about to see all the reasons why.

Temperature – Keeping your core body temperature low is proven to help you sleep longer. This is the most important reason for sleeping naked because uninterrupted sleep is the key to all sorts of health benefits (helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, reduces stress, promotes brain function and the list goes on). A good night’s sleep is the first step and solution to many things in life. With clothes on, you are more likely to get too hot and prevent it from happening.

Tight Clothes Are Bad For Your Lower Body – Women need aeration down there to keep bacteria at bay. And, with men more heat down there can reduce your sperm count. Therefore, having clothes on promotes these bad things.

Helps Your Relationship – Skin to skin contact releases oxytocin (good feeling hormone) that will make you feel closer to your partner. This, of course, will promote sex more, or should! Sex also helps you fall asleep by releasing stress.

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Lose Weight – Keeping cool while you sleep increases metabolism. A study in 2014 by the journal of Diabetes showed that people who sleep in cooler temperatures produce double the amount of healthy fat compared to people who slept in warm temps. This healthy fat burns more calories while you are snoozing.

Heat – Higher temps slow down the production of melatonin (the make you feel sleepy hormone) and can decrease the production of the human growth hormone which is your anti-aging hormone (controls hair, skin, beauty).

Comfortable – If you aren’t comfortable doing it then you probably shouldn’t. The most important thing about sleep is being comfortable. Though, this does not mean don’t try it. You may be surprised just how much better you may sleep!

Simplicity – You don’t have to buy pajamas or worry about putting on something comfortable before bed. You simply take it all off and go to bed! Making things easier in your life will always help reduce stress.

Freedom = Better Sleep – Just try it. You will feel a lot more freedom laying there with nothing on. Also, while you are asleep, you will not have to worry about getting tangled up in your shirt or pants when you are changing positions.

Boost Self Esteem – Sleeping naked makes you more comfortable with yourself. Many people are not comfortable being naked so going to bed in the nude could actually help you get over that uneasiness. It is your body and is yours to stay. You might as well feel appreciative about it!

So, before you laugh at the idea or the topic of sleeping naked the next time it is brought up, you can now look at it from a health perspective. Sleeping in the nude has many benefits. I admit myself, before I researched the topic, I thought it was only a way to sleep and was not any better than any other way. Glad I was wrong!

Author Bio

Aaron Stevenson is a public educator, health freak, and founder of Snooze EZ. A go-to-source for many sleep related topics. You can follow him at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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