Sleep is an essential part of life. It is a physiological function that helps the body to recharge and restore itself to create better days ahead. As a community it is important to focus collectively on the three pillars of health as nutrition and fitness alone are not enough. Sleep plays a vital role in optimal health.  The Community Health Assessment of Erie County reports that over 60% of the population in this area are obese. Also that the statistics for adolescent obesity has tripled in the past few decades. This is a huge area of concern as we are seeing a rise in medical conditions generally seen in older adults, such as diabetes manifesting themselves in our child population. Obesity also increases the risk of developing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder characterized by brief involuntary breathing pauses during sleep. These breathing pauses cause awakenings throughout the night, making it impossible to obtain a deep, restorative night of sleep.


As part of our commitment to educational outreach we offer presentations on all areas of sleep health inclusive of behavioral and medical sleep issues addressing age, culture, gender and special needs. If you are interested in having us speak at your organization please contact us to learn more. 


Sleep deprivation can cause a wide variety of challenges for both parent and child. This includes delays in development, mentally, physically, emotionally and behaviorally. We provide strategies to foster a positive family sleep relationship, provide education on the importance of sleep, address common medical sleep disorders and help devise a family sleep plan that promotes healthy sleep habits. 


We offer workshops and customized presentations for facility staff employees and/or visiting guests to educate them on the importance of sleep, good hygiene practices and the role it plays in development and as we age. Employees that sleep well are more productive, have more energy and manage stress better. Our education focuses on sleep as the fundamental pillar of the three pillars of health.


Have a sleep topic your organization is interested in learning about? We offer customized presentations and interactive activity based workshops on all sleep topics including the importance of sleep during pregnancy, child sleep, adult sleep and family sleep addressing age, culture and special needs. Sleep is nature's way of restoring and recharging body, mind and spirit for an energy filled day. Help us spread the word about the importance of sleep for optimal health.

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